Your complete Corbin Kentucky City Guide to the merchants, activities & services of Corbin, Kentucky!

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Emergency Services

Dial 911

Stay on the line.  If you cannot stay on the line, give the operator the street address and the community where help is needed. For non-emergency numbers, see below.

Client Index Hospital

American Red Cross

(606) 878-7004

City Police - Corbin


(606) 528-1122

Federal Bureau of Investigation


(606) 878-8922

National Ctr for Missing & Exploited Children Hotline



State Police - KY



Fire Department - Corbin


Rescue Squad - London/Laurel Co


(606) 877-1108

Baptist Regional Medical Center


(606) 528-1212

Knox County Ambulance Service


(606) 528-1196

Poison Center - KY


(800) 722-5725